Our Story

As newlywed college students, Ethan and Kinsee Abbott couldn’t afford a gym membership, and there wasn’t room in their small apartment for exercise equipment. Which gave Ethan an idea: he’d make his own. The idea traveled from his mind to his pen, and from his pen to the prototype. Eventually, after endless sleepless nights of tinkering with copper and plastic prototypes, Jayflex's first product, CrossGrips, was born.

Kinsee and Ethan launched the CrossGrips Kickstarter campaign, and, after the initial $20,000 funding goal was reached, the campaign went on to raise over $218,000!

CrossGrips was the first in a line of adaptable exercise equipment that can travel anywhere and can be used by anyone. It’s the goal of Jayflex to continue creating elegant but innovative equipment to encourage health and well-being in the lives of people everywhere—no excuses.