Hyperbell Kettlebell is a game changer

Get a complete workout that’s compact, versatile, and doesn’t empty your wallet.Hyperbell Kettlebell is designed to maximize your workouts by turning your existing dumbbells into a full kettlebell set while minimizing the amount of space and money you spend

Improve Functional Strength & Enhance Cardiovascular fitness

Kettlebell exercises are phenomenal for the body because they mimic movements used in daily life, such as lifting, carrying, and bending. This improves functional strength , making everyday activities easier.

Many kettlebell workouts are dynamic and can be performed at a high intensity. This not only builds muscle but also significantly improves cardiovascular fitness, helping to increase stamina.

Money & Space Saving

A full kettlebell set can cost $300-$1600. With they Hyperbell Kettlebell Grip you can get a full kettlebell set just by using your existing dumbbells for less the 1/10 the cost.

Durable, Comfortable Grip, and Adjustable Handle 

Hyperbell Kettlebell Grip is made with high-strength polycarbonate. Over-engineered for durability and extensively drop-tested, the Hyperbell Kettlebell Grip is made for rugged, regular daily use and can hold up to 100 lbs so you can push yourself everyday.

A textured grip/handle and the ability to rotate provides enhanced comfort. The ability of the handle to rotate accommodates your wrist's natural range of motion, making your workouts more comfortable.

Hyperbell Kettlebell Grip is the only dumbbell to kettlebell converter with a multi-positional handle that rotates 90 degrees for hold variation. This allows for safer and more comfortable kettlebell swings.

Turn your dumbbells into barbells & macebells!

The Hyperbell Bar & EZ Bar Expand your workouts with 30+ new workouts for 1/20 the cost to buy the same equipment. This allows you to get more variation in your workout helping you push yourself to reach your fitness goals.

They take up very little space, and maximize your workout routine with the gear you already own, saving you from buying a bunch of big, bulky equipment that clutters up your home.

Plus, a 2-year warranty!

Try for 30-Days

If - for any reason - you aren't happy with your Jayflex equipment, simply send it back within 30 days. We'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. And we're so confident in the quality and durability of CrossGrips, we offer a 2-year warranty to fix/replace your equipment - for free.

Works with most dumbbells

Dumbbell handle length needs to be at least 4.5” long. Most dumbbell handles are approximately 6” long. The dumbbell handle’s diameter can’t exceed 1.5” at its thickest point.

Free Shipping

Shipping is free in the USA if the order is over $75.

Free Returns

All products have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Free 2 Year Warranty

2-Year Total Confidence Coverage Warranty. Extra peace of mind at no extra cost.

Free Bonus

Jayflex 12 Month Training Program

With the purchase of the Hyperbell Kettlebell Grip you'll get access to the Jayflex 12 Month Training Program which consists of 5 different home workout programs to help you reach your fitness goals.