Turn your dumbbells into barbells & macebells

The Hyperbell Bar & EZ Bar Expand your workouts with 30+ new workouts for 1/20 the cost to buy the same equipment. This allows you to get more variation in your workout helping you push yourself to reach your fitness goals.

They take up very little space, and maximize your workout routine with the gear you already own, saving you from buying a bunch of big, bulky equipment that clutters up your home.

30+ new exercises available to push yourself

With the addition of the Hyperbell Bar and EZ bar you’re able to unlock more exercise than ever before.

This added variation of exercises is optimal for those trying to push themselves everyday to reach their fitness goals.

Straight Bar & EZ Bar Available

The Hyperbell Bar is a multifunctional straight bar that transforms your existing dumbbells into a barbell or a macebell.

EZ Curl Bar has a durable grip, adds even more comfort and control to weight bar reps. It's designed to alleviate pressure and pain that some people experience with a normal straight bar.

Double your gym without taking up anymore space

Home gyms today never have enough room for what you want. On top of that, the sheer cost of buying all the equipment you need is extremely pricey.

With the Hyperbell Bar and EZ Bar there’s no need to cut your home gym short because now you can perform every type of exercise you want.

Manufactured with the highest of quality standards

These multi-purpose straight bar and EZ bar are made from high-end steel with a fortified design that can hold a total up to 200lbs (100lbs each side).

Thoroughly strength tested so you can have confidence when pushing yourself your gear can keep up with you.

No dumbbells no problem!

Add a range of resistance for excellent results using solo or with the Hyperbell Bars. With the Hyperbell Bands you’ll never run out of ways to challenge your body.

A complete 12-piece set of resistance bands, handles, ankle straps, attachments and door anchor connect with your Hyperbell Bars to add resistance training to your home gym.

With its compact size and endless exercise possibilities, HYPERBELL Bands are the perfect addition to your fitness routine.

Plus, a 2-year warranty!

Try for 30-Days

If - for any reason - you aren't happy with your Jayflex equipment, simply send it back within 30 days. We'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. And we're so confident in the quality and durability of CrossGrips, we offer a 2-year warranty to fix/replace your equipment - for free.

Works with most dumbbells

Dumbbell handle length needs to be at least 4.5” long. Most dumbbell handles are approximately 6” long. The dumbbell handle’s diameter can’t exceed 1.5” at its thickest point.

Free Shipping

Shipping is free in the USA if the order is over $75.

Free Returns

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Free 2 Year Warranty

2-Year Total Confidence Coverage Warranty. Extra peace of mind at no extra cost.