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CrossGrips is designed to be compatible with the majority of door frames that feature top door molding heights between 2 to 4 inches and inside door frame widths ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 inches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 494 reviews
Victor Cruz

Not much to say except I love them. Set it up and get my core and shoulder workouts in every day since. Thank you

They work as shown!

Although a tad heavy and flagged by airport security [but approved once luggage was inspected], they worked in my hotel room exactly as the video shows. Very helpful since most hotels I stay at do not have pull up bars.

Mark Berger
It's better than alternatives but still tough on old door frames

I weigh 210 pounds so I was worried about hanging from the door of my house (built in the 90s). While it didn't outright break my door frame, it cracked it and bowed the wood still. I unfortunately cannot use it at my house now which was a main reason I bought it...

Theresa A Taylor
Doesn’t fit my door

Poor customer service. No training guide no instructions.
Terrible the worst purchase ever

One small issue

The portability and utility are great. The hand grips are just a little short, but passable. One problem I had was that one of the grips rotated too far, leaving it not perpendicular to the floor. I tightened the Allen screw that stops it and it seems to have been fixed, so far.