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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ryan L.
Really well made

Really high quality fabric and elastic, doesn’t dig into your skin like the rubber ones do. Allows you to fully extend without feeling like you’re going to snap it, much more fluid motion allowed compared to the rubber ones I’ve used which feel really jerky. The rubber rings on the inside really help prevent them from sliding down during exercise. The only downside is that if you’re a more rotund individual, these may be too small for you. I have 26” thighs and these are JUST usable for me, so if your thighs are bigger than about 30”, I wouldn’t imagine that these would be comfortable for you to use as they’d be too constricting. Keep in mind that they will stretch a bit over time so there is some wiggle room.

Nicole Caldiero
Great Purchase

Love the booty bands. Great quality! No rolling like the rubber elastic ones.

Aubrey C
Work great

They work great and stay in place, I just wish they would stretch more, especially the snuggest band. It feels like it stops elasticity before it should.

Ahmad Duker
Great experience

Beyond what expect and a small power house love this machine I just can't wait to see that the future brings

Layne Thomson

They are great