Adjust the distance between each handle to allow for different workouts.

Added bonus: you can clamp Ryze Ups to your door frame at different widths, for positional variety and honing in on different muscle groups.

A great way to get an upper body and core workout with very little gear. Both handles have multiple lock-in positions for a variety of pull-ups and grip styles. Ideal for improving strength in ways traditional pull-up bars can’t.

Innovative design cues.

All you need is a door, and you’re ready to go with Ryze Ups. An innovative zip clamp and release button allows for simple, fast adjustments. Durable grips are designed to lock securely onto your door, so you’re not going anywhere but up.

Who doesn’t love a little variety?

At Jayflex, we’re all about giving you the best equipment for outfitting your home gym and making it easy to achieve your workout goals on the daily. We’re also kind of obsessive (in a good way) about doing it with minimal gear that presents a multitude of workouts. Hence the reason why we created the only pull-up tool with rotating grip—so you can focus on your forearms and triceps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 265 reviews
F. Alexander
Poor build specs

The safety screws did not line up with the machine drilled holes in the plastic mouldings. I had to go use a grinding tool to shaving down the thickness of the locking nuts to make it work.

Defective Hardware

Unfortunately, this product has a defect. The safety square nuts do not fit correctly into the slot where the safety screws screw in. The nut hole and the slot hole do not align, causing the screw to hit the side of the nut, which prevents the screw from going all the way through and securing the extra attachment. The company was kind enough to exchange it for another one. But, the 2nd one I received had the exact same issue. Therefore, it must be a manufacturing defect, or no one has checked to see if the safety feature actually worked. Very disappointing because I had high hopes to use it right away on my old door frames. :( I'm planning to go to a hardware store and see if there is a different size nut that fits the product.

Perfect for my home workout

The adjustable clamps are perfect for the wide door frames in my 1917 home. They fit snuggly and have not left marks. I weigh 170 and there is no indication of stress on the product. I would definitely recommend these if you have thick walls and wide fascia common to older homes.

Malyke Stanley
Convenient & efficient

Honestly way better and convenient then any pull bar. After awhile you get used to putting up and taking down also the rotation feature helps alot so you structure your own way of improvement

Cheyenne Roohani
High quality product, issues with supplied hardware

Got the Ryzeups delivered. They are very well made. Thankful I went with this brand because it is just barely big enough to fit the width of my door frame as well as the height of my molding. They’re the only product addressing both of these issues. However, there were screws and nuts supplied with my product. The nuts were not the exact right size and therefore did not line up with the premade holes on the ryzeups themselves. I had to bore out a well in the ryze up to get the nut to drop down enough to line up with the hole on the ryzeup. After doing this for 2 of the 4 screws I searched through some stuff I had and found some nuts to some M screws I have for other projects that fit nearly pefectly and I ended up just using those. This was frustrating. Other than that, this product is well made and I would recommend it to anyone.

EDIT: After posting my review I saw at least one other review with the exact same cited problem with the nut for the screw. They are either not using the right nut or their mold is off. This is a bigger issue than just my one-off and therefore I wanted to clarify that this may be something you would also encounter. Their customer service was also mentioned in a review and I had to go back and forth with them quite a bit over some issues placing an order as well as getting a refund but they did eventually come through on everything so I don't have much bad to say in that regard.